Halloween is almost here!  If you’re looking for some last minute costume ideas or projects for your haunted house, here are some past articles from Modd3d that will help you out.


Gross Squishy Eyeball Doorbell ButtonGreet your trick-or-treaters (or TOTs as they are called in the industry) with a gross squishy eyeball doorbell button.

Flying Crank GhostPut a giant glowing floating ghost on your roof.  It’s guaranteed to attract folks from way down the block.



Fog Machine Pump RepairIs your el-cheapo fog machine not putting out much fog since you dug it out of storage this year?  Try repairing the fogger’s pump.

Fog Machine Timer Remote for Lite F/X FoggerAre you trying to find a wireless or timer remote that actually works with your Lite FX fogger?  Try modding one.

Always Ready Mod for Lite F/X Fog MachineTired of missing fog cues because your fogger decided it needs to warm up instead of spraying fog?  Mod it so it’s always ready for fog.

MIDI Controlled Talking Animated SkullGot a talking skull from the store, but you want it to say what you want it to say?  Mod it so you can control your skull with MIDI.

Motion Sensor HackWant to trigger props when your victims approach?  Modify a flood light motion sensor so it can be used with just about anything.



Geeky Girl CostumesLadies, does it seem like all the good geeky costumes are for guys?  Here are 25 geek girl costumes for you to check out.

Gaping Hole CostumeLooking to really freak people out?  Let them see right through you with this gaping hole costume.

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