So you spent a whole $20 for your Lite F/X fogger so you can use it in your haunt, play or whatever.  You are nervous because your fog cue has to be right on time or the whole effect is ruined.  The critical moment arrives, you push the button and nothing happens!  The fogger doesn’t want to make fog right now because it is busy heating up.

I’ll show you a quick, easy and free mod for these cheap foggers so that you can get a burst of fog any time you need it regardless of what the heater is doing.

Lite F/X Fogger


What You’ll Need

  • Lite F/X Fogger
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Quick-Disconnect Splitter

Disassemble the Fogger
With the fog nozzle pointing to the left and the power cord to the right, remove the side cover that is facing you. There are 4 screws on top and 4 on the bottom that are holding it on.

Top Screws

Bottom Screws

Cover Off

Rewire the Pump
Find the red wire that goes from the pump to one of the heater terminals.

Red Wire

Basically all we need to do is move this red wire from one heater terminal to the other. This should be fairly easy since everything is connected with quick-disconnect terminals.

Disconnect the red wire.

Disconnect the white wire from the far heater terminal.

Go to your electrical junk drawer and find a quick-disconnect splitter.


Connect the splitter to the far heater terminal.

Reconnect the white wire to the far heater terminal via the splitter.

Connect the red pump wire to the remaining terminal on the splitter.

It should now look like this:


Note: Some older versions of this fogger crimped the red wire into the same connector as the white wire going to the heater. If this is the case with yours you’ll need to cut it and crimp on a new terminal first before installing the splitter, etc.

That’s it! Put the cover back on and you are ready to make the pump go whenever you want. You can even squirt people with a stream of liquid fog fluid if the fogger is completely cold.

Squirting Cold Fluid

Just remember that this is still an El-Cheapo fogger and won’t last very long if you try to run it at 100% duty cycle or something like that. Also, the light on the remote will now act a little goofy, but at least now you won’t miss any super-critical fog cues!

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