New Site for Theatre Techies


Theatre Tech Club LogoJust thought I’d let everybody know about a new site I’ve been working on.  It’s called Theatre Tech Club and it’s for theatre technicians with an emphasis on educational theatre.  There you’ll find lots of neat tips and tricks relating to lighting design, sound design, set design and construction, stage management, costume and makeup design.  I plan on continuously adding content, so if you’re into technical theatre at all you should check it out.

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Make Timer & Wireless Remotes Work On Lite F/X Fog Machines

Haunting, Theatre

The Lite F/X 1741 fogger was cheap and readily available a few years ago.  Many of us have one or more of them that still work great.  One down-side to these fog machines is that it’s tough to find fog timer remotes and wireless remotes that actually work with them.  I’ll show you how to make common remotes that are readily available work with these foggers.

Lite F/X Fog Machine


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Build a Pneumatic Confetti Cannon


I’ll show you how to build a pneumatic confetti cannon that sprays bits of paper all over the place at the push of a button. It is safe to use and easy to build, and the confetti shower effect it produces is excellent for stage shows, dances, parties, and those times when you need to make the biggest mess possible in just under one second.

Confetti Cannon


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