Wii Sports Resort Morse Code


The secret code hidden in Wii Sports Resort has been cracked!

When you are playing the island flyover in the game, as you fly by the lighthouse (called “The Candle”) you can hear Morse code beeping in the background. There are two different pitched beeps, so it appears to be a conversation between two parties. My code skills are a bit rusty, but I finally managed to translate it. There are several messages that play, and I’ve found 3 different ones so far:

Why does anyone use Morse code anymore?
Good question.

Morse code takes forever.
It sure does.

Does anyone out there know Morse code?
Sorry. Use your radio.

If anyone copies any other messages, let me know. 73’s!

Wii Sports Resort

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Development on the Nintendo DS


There are tons of articles floating around showing off cool homebrew projects people have done with their Nintendo DS. I decided I wanted to play too (never tried making my own DS app), so I started looking for information on where to start. It turns out there are quite a few good tutorials and forums out there for people who are new to homebrew. I figured I should share what I found so you can get started too.

I is coding on your DS

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